Reviewing the Best Online Eye Care Services in 2023

Proper eye care is necessary to preserve one’s vision and health. It helps address visual needs—like wearing eyeglasses—and prevents the onset and development of eye diseases, such as cataracts and glaucoma. Nearly 80% of vision impairments and 25% of blindness are treatable and preventable with eyeglasses or cataract extraction. Unfortunately, barriers to eye care keep many people from maintaining eye health. These include mobility issues that prevent them from leaving the house and seeking care, and living in rural areas far from health centers and professionals.

Luckily, people who encounter such barriers can turn to online eye care services for their vision needs. Yet while general health services are accessible through the best healthcare software, such as DrChrono EHR which connects patients with healthcare professionals and provides all-in-one care, these may not have specific eye health services that visually challenged and impaired people require. Fortunately, there are online programs dedicated to eye care alone.

On that note, here is a review of the best online eye care services in 2023:

Vision screening app

Regular vision tests help determine eye issues, such as refractive errors, by checking how well an individual can see things up close and far away. While an eye doctor typically administers these tests, people can now have their vision checked independently.

Individuals can screen their vision anywhere using the WHOEyes app. This was developed by The Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to increase access to vision tests, especially for people in remote areas. The app detects the distance between the user’s smartphone and the user to ensure accurate tests, then shows letters or images and asks the user questions to test their eyes’ abilities. The results will reveal how good an individual’s vision is in each eye, and may even include a recommendation to seek an eye care professional for further testing. Using this, people won’t have to travel unnecessarily unless they need professional tests.

Free home trials for eyeglasses

Buying eyewear online can be tricky. Individuals can’t determine how they fit according to their face structure or how comfortable they are when worn for long periods. Purchasing glasses on a whim can lead to discomfort or financial regrets once they arrive.

Luckily, Glasses Direct allows customers to try on glasses at home with a free home trial. This involves choosing up to 4 frames out of hundreds of options, waiting for them to arrive the next day, and wearing them for up to 7 days—all free. After the trial period, customers can purchase their preferred pair online and return the trial box via the free postage provided. They can also request another box to try on more glasses. This removes the pressure of buying glasses online and enables individuals to find their perfect pair without leaving their homes.

Book eye tests online

Regular eye tests allow individuals to become more aware of their vision’s state and symptoms of eye diseases. Without it, they may have untreated visual concerns that could worsen over time. Sadly, booking an eye test can be troublesome since one has to go to a clinic to speak with the receptionist. Not everyone can do this due to living in far places or having responsibilities at home.

Retailers like Target make booking more convenient via online means. Using the Target Optical website, customers can book an eye test at their preferred time, date, and store location. They only need to provide their contact information to confirm their appointment. With this, more people can get regular eye checks. They no longer have to travel twice, or leave work or home, just to book an appointment and return on the day of. In fact, they can easily squeeze an eye exam in after shopping for groceries.

Virtual try-ons

Getting eyeglasses that one looks and feels confident in is an important factor for many when buying eyewear. After all, this may encourage them to wear their glasses more consistently to prevent any existing eye conditions from worsening. Luckily, they don’t have to leave their house or go far to find the perfect pair.

Today, people can virtually try on glasses using augmented reality. Eyeybobs offers this service, allowing customers to see what they look like wearing various eyeglasses using their smartphone or laptop’s front camera. The program is available on its website and uses facial recognition features to give consumers real-time visual aid. They simply need to tap the “try on” button next to each design to see if the glasses complement their skin, facial structure, and aesthetic preferences—all without traveling to a physical location.

A quick review of this year’s best online eye care services show that people can now more conveniently access resources for maintaining their vision. As 2024 approaches, improvements to these services may see more people taking the initiative to preserve their eye health.

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